We provide preventative, primary, acute and long-term care services so that older adults can continue living safely independently.

PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) eligibility is determined by specific PACE enrollment criteria as dictated by the State of North Carolina and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

To be Eligible for PACE, You Must:

• Be at least 55 or older
• Live in the Senior CommUnity Care of North Carolina service care area
• Meet criteria for nursing home level of care
• Be able to live safely in the community with the help of our services

Service Area

Senior CommUnity Care of North Carolina provides services to seniors living in these Wake, Durham and Granville County zip codes:


27502, 27503, 27509, 27511, 27513, 27518, 27519, 27522, 27523, 27526, 27529, 27539, 27540, 27545, 27560, 27562, 27571, 27587, 27591, 27592, 27597, 27601, 27603, 27604, 27605, 27606, 27607, 27608, 27609, 27610, 27612, 27613, 27614, 27615, 27616, 27617, 27701, 27703, 27704, 27705, 27706, 27707, 27712, 27713


Our enrollment specialist will meet with you and a family member or caregiver at your home to explain the program. They will do an assessment of your eligibility and schedule a visit to our Center and a meeting with the doctor, nurses and other key staff. You will receive a medical evaluation and a custom care plan. We complete the enrollment paperwork for you to become a participant. Enrollment is voluntary. You may dis-enroll at any time by notifying the Senior CommUnity Care of North Carolina social worker.

Who Pays?

Senior CommUnity Care of North Carolina services are paid for by Medicare, Medicaid or private payment. If you are eligible for Medicaid and depending on your income, PACE services may be offered free of charge. If your income is over the income limits of Medicaid, you may still be eligible to participate by paying a premium or a Patient Monthly Liability. We can help explain these payment options. Once a participant is enrolled, our experts handle paperwork and claims. Participants must follow the care plan designed by our care team. Participants may be personally liable for the costs of unauthorized or out-of-program services, except for emergency services.

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