PACE organizations offer preventive care and wrap around services for eligible seniors.

Senior CommUnity Care of North Carolina is a comprehensive health care choice for elders living in Wake, Durham, and select zip codes in Granville counties. Senior CommUnity Care of North Carolina is a Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly, also called a PACE.

What is PACE?

PACE has been a nationwide program since the 1970s. It began in San Francisco as a grassroots effort and since then, has continually proven to meet the needs of elders seeking a complete health care system while allowing them to stay home. There are PACE programs throughout the U.S. today.

As a part of the PACE program, Senior CommUnity Care of North Carolina provides for all the health care and social needs of seniors who enrolls. We support seniors with chronic care needs and their families enabling them to remain in their homes.

Senior CommUnity Care of North Carolina is for:

• Seniors who want to live at home but need support.
• Caregivers caring for elders living at home.
• Health professionals who want to help elders living at home remain at home.

What we do

As a PACE Provider, Senior CommUnity Care of North Carolina helps people live independently at home with a high quality of life. Senior CommUnity Care of North Carolina and PACE provide health care in the home and community to older adults who would otherwise live in nursing homes. Learn more about PACE on our Services page.

Senior CommUnity Care of North Carolina is a service of Volunteers of America. VOA is a respected nonprofit, faith-based organization. Nationwide, VOA helps nearly two million people every year through health services and programs for children, teens, adults, and entire families.

Our Center Offers

Meet with other seniors.
Take part in activities or classes.
Get nutritious meals.
Receive health services.
Visit with medical staff and therapists.
Transportation is provided to and from the Center and home as well as to outside medical appointments. The Center is a great place to go during the day! Visiting the Center keeps participants connected with others in the community and allows them to get help with their health care needs.

The Center is open five days a week.

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