Todd H. McCauley is the Senior CommUnity Care PACE Chaplain that provides for the spiritual health of our participants. Spiritual care services can include Prayer, Biblical education, Biblical counseling, Grief support, Encouragement, Coordination of local church involvement, End-of-life care, Bereavement care, and Facilitation of memorial services for deceased participants.


Senior CommUnity Care PACE recognizes that spirituality and faith is an important aspect of a person’s life. Unfortunately, many older adults in the community have difficulty obtaining transportation to their local church and their spiritual care is set aside. Because Senior CommUnity Care PACE provides care for the whole person, non-denominational Chapel services are performed in the Day Center for those who wish to attend.


PACE Chapel services are facilitated by the Chaplain and includes a time for the singing of hymns, praise songs and Biblical instruction. The Chaplain is a member of the Senior CommUnity Care PACE End-of-Life Care team who meet regularly to report and address the needs of participants who are at the end of their life. The Chaplain can provide home visits and phone calls offering spiritual care to the participant and family.

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